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Thunayat Fashion, JeddahThunayat Fashion is new on

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Knows Thunayat. Today, it is one of the most widely recognizable apparel companies across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with over 22 Thunayat retail store. A company known for innovative style, Thunayat continues to dress and accessorize the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with fashion-forward apparel, handbags, shoes and more. Our store expansion is possible due to the strength of our brand and our hard work. We have long-term relationships with the customer because we provide a strong brand, marketing and advertising over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Textiles & Readymade Garments Co "SAUDI THOBE ", MakkahTextiles & Readymade Garments Co "SAUDI THOBE " is new on

Textiles & Readymade Garments Co "SAUDI THOBE ", is the first Saudi factory of it's kind in Kingdom of Saudia Arabia. The factory, which started trial production in 1979, one employs more than 300 skilled workers, working under the supervisor of a team of experts applying the latest industrial Technology to produce Saudi Thobes to be distributed by the network of our shops spreads around the kingdom in addition to a wide range of uniforms and work wear for different purposes.

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